In the winter, the rooves of the houses, perched nearly 600 metres above sea level on the banks of the Rio s'Adde, are white with snow: an enchanting scenario in the centre of the island. Macomer is a town with more than 10,000 inhabitants in the Marghine area, a cultural crossroads between north and south since antiquity. In 1478, the historical battle between Sardinians, led by Marquis Leonardo Alagon, and the Aragonese took place at the nearby Macomer castle (of which only ruins remain), ending the island's dreams of independence. Trade, dairy, textiles and waste disposal are the town's main activities. In the Le arti antiche museum, hosted in a 19th century aristocratic home, you can find out about its sheep-farming and craft traditions, which you can see first hand at the Macomer in Fiera market/fair.